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What's on in the hotel

Marché au Gras in SEISSAN
Marché au Gras in SEISSAN

No Market in Juillet and August

EEC certified No. 32.426.101 / For information, call +33 (0)5 62 66 21 78 (Town Hall)

The Marché au Gras in Seissan takes place every Friday (from 1st Friday in October to last Friday in March) starting at 10:00am for duck and goose meat (magret, preserves, wings) and starting at 10:30am for foie gras from 15 October to 31 March; starting at 10am from April to September.

Market prices on  Friday 30 September 2015 :

Duck foie gras: € 32  to € 35  / kg.

Goose foie gras: no price.

Duck (meat):  € 2.80 to € 3.00 / kg.

Goose (meat): no price.


Truffle and saffron market in SEISSAN
Truffle and saffron market in SEISSAN

Friday 11 February 2011 , starting at 9am at the Seissan marketplace , Regulated truffle market.

truffle Market the Friday 28 January 2011

Price : no price

For information , call +33 (0)5 62 65 07 16 .

Next truffle and saffron market set for the Friday 25 February 2011 .

Marché de Plein Vent
Marché de Plein Vent

The Marché de Plein Vent featuring over fifty stands is held every Friday in the village, at the same time as the Marché au Gras. There, one finds everything from finds cheese stands to furniture-sellers, vegetable stands and clothing vendors, from butchers and shoe-sellers to wine-makers and home appliance stands. It is a market with something for everyone, and certainly a sight worth seeing.

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